Midwest Professional Medical Education presents

Certificate Course in Orthopedic Manual Therapy (COMT)

Part A - Spine (30 hours)- Approved by FSBPT in 35+ states

Date: 15th to 18th October 2020 (CANCELLED)

(Corona virus threat has forced us to cancel the course. Apologies for any inconvenience caused. Those already registered may request refunds, if the new date is inconvenient. Thank you.)

Tuition fee- $750

Early Bird - $695.00 till March 15, 2020

Part B - (Extremities and Certification) - (31 hours)

Date: TBD

1908 W Milham Ave, Portage, MI 49024

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About the course:

THE COMT’s main objective is intended towards an amalgamation of the various manual concepts for neuromusculoskeletal examination and treatment procedures into one complete formulated system of orthopedic manual therapy. The Hands-on- workshop is based on integrated approach of various manual therapy concepts. After treating more than 85,000 patients and conducting hundreds of workshops on various concepts by training more than 10,000 physios collectively, Dr. Deepak Kumar, Bhini Semwal and the team of Physios at Capri Institute of Manual Therapy (CIMT) has picked up the best techniques out of all the various Manual Therapy Concepts. Best of these concepts will be covered in 9 days’ course.

Capri strongly believes that a successful clinician’s foundation lies in strong and accurate orthopedic assessment to deliver qualitative and appropriate treatment. This comprehensive 8 days’ certificate course lays strong emphasis on orthopedic manual therapy to provide clinicians with intensive tuition to perform an accurate and specific manual therapy examination according to the patient’s needs. The examination & treatment process developed by CIMT draws on the work of various NUMERO UNO in Manual Therapy like Butler, Edwards, Elvey, Maitland, McConnell, McKenzie, Shacklock, and several taping concepts.

We inculcate in the clinicians the art of subjective and physical examination from Manual Therapy point of view rather than spoon feeding the therapist with a dead-end protocol. We believe every patient is unique; the complaints are unique and should be assessed uniquely. The skill lies in the fingertips and we help to exploit this talent!

Aims of the course:

  • To create and deliver a perfectly balanced, practically oriented Post Graduate course to Physios, that help in establishing their practice faster.
  • An amalgamation of the various manual therapy concepts for neuromusculoskeletal examination and treatment procedures into one complete formulated system of orthopaedic manual therapy.
  • To offer a practical course to those clinician, busy in their practice and wish to improve their skills, knowledge and qualification..

Learning Objectives:

  • Be abreast with the recent developments and researches in Clinical Anatomy, Pathophysiology, Kinematics and Biomechanics and the various age related changes in the spine and the peripheral joints & skilled in applying neuromusculoskeletal assessment procedures.
  • Be competent in formulating differential diagnosis based on the integrated neuromusculoskeletal examination, clinical reasoning & evidence based practice.
  • Be adept in formulating the most suitable manual therapy protocol/technique that is tailored according to the individual needs of the patient.
  • Be expert in delivering the manual therapy treatment.
  • Be capable of assessing the accuracy and reliability of the treatment technique / protocol used on the patient using his manual therapy assessment skills.

Learning Outcomes:

  • All participants will gain an understanding of the best of different manual concepts.
  • The participant will have enhanced assessment skills when examining extremity and spinal joints.
  • As with all manual techniques, handling skills are paramount, and at the end of the program, the true professional shall be able to assess the condition and deliver the manual treatment with great expertise.
  • They will learn taping techniques to maintain correction of functional movement patterns.
  • The most important outcome is that patients will benefit the most from this integrated approach.

Course Requirements:

    • Participant must be a registered Physical therapist / PTA or final year student from a recognized institute/university.
    • 100% Attendance is mandatory, irrespective of any reason, anyone coming late or going early or absent even for one day (with or without prior permission/information) won’t get course completion certificate, until, He / She complete that day/Time/Topic in next available course. For attending missing day/time/topic, you will need to pay fee for that day/time/topic as informed by organizer. Timing of workshop will be 8.30 AM to 6 PM.
    • Participant must not be suffering from any known mental, physical or any medical illness, which stop him/her to undergo mobilisation, manipulation during this 9 days Hands on COMT workshop. Participant must be fit to undergo manipulation & mobilisation for any part of his/her Body.
    • By enrolling in this course “participant” agree to release and hold organizer/instructors and its agents harmless from, and assume all responsibility for, all claims, demands, injuries, damages, actions or causes of action to persons or persons from responsibility for injury, arising out of or connected with your use of the organizer’s/teacher’s employees, facilities or premises or techniques. The participant, agree that he/she understand the inherent risks in utilizing equipment and/ or practicing and learning assessment or treatment skills associated with the educational experience. Participant agree to disclose disabilities, illnesses, or other conditions that increase his/her risk during this educational experience. Such risk of injury includes, but is not limited to, injuries arising from or relating to use by participant or others of any equipment and facilities, and injuries and medical disorders arising from or relation to participation in “live” skill development to yourself or others.  Organizer/instructors is not responsible for lost, damaged, or theft of personal property during the educational experience. This agreement shall be binding for participant, his/her spouse, heirs, estate, and his/her assignees, and participant hereby agree to indemnify Organizer/instructors and to hold them absolutely harmless if anyone should hereafter file suit against the Club or those released hereby for any matter.
    • Daily at 8.30 AM there will be a short practical & viva examination / assessment / test session of 30 minutes covering previous day topic to assure that participants have grasped and learned the topic effectively and work on their shortcomings.
    • Wear loose, comfortable lab clothing (with long hair pulled back). Waxing of arms and legs is recommended for the purposing of taping.
    • Finger nails must be cut, no jewelry in hand and neck allowed during workshop time.
    • Bring a large towel and small pillow with you.
    • On 1st of the workshop, all participants are requested to report at the venue at 8.30 AM, for registration and collection of manual therapy kit and study materials.

    Cancellation Policy:

    • All cancellation requests must be in writing/email..
    • Any cancellation on or before 3 weeks, from the date of the course will be refunded 100% of the course fee
    • Any cancellation less than 2 weeks from the date of the course will be refunded minus a 20% administrative fee.
    • No money will be refunded in case of any cancellation request received  less than one week prior to the date of course.
    • However, if we do not / can’t offer a seat or if the course is cancelled because of any reasons, your full course fee will be refunded.
    • MPME reserves the right of cancellation / rescheduling any course and city in situation without their control and participants will get full refund of their fee