Dr. John Stephen

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Dr. Stephen is a master clinician (PT) specializing in advanced Orthopedic manual techniques. He received his Post-Professional Clinical Doctorate in 2006 with a concentration in advanced Orthopedics. He graduated as a physiotherapist in early 90's and has over 23 years of clinical expertise. Dr. Stephen is also an APTA Credentialed Clinical Instructor. With extensive experience in treating back and neck pain with radiating symptoms, he has an active interest in sharing his expertise through mentoring, and has taught numerous courses. Dr.Stephen is McKenzie certified and has extensive Orthopedic manual training in extremities and spine. He is certified in spinal manipulative therapy in Ireland through Manual concepts, Australia and a certified orthopedic manual therapist ( COMPT). He has worked with area surgeons and physicians in developing evidence based protocols for Orthopedic, neuro-surgical and sports medicine conditions. Dr. Stephen's research interests includes evidence based interventions for peripheral neuropathy and has successfully developed an evidence based protocol for peripheral neuropathy. John specializes in spine, extremities, nerve injuries, sports medicine and general Orthopedic and neurological conditions.